The Official Diabetes Solution Kit by Barton Publishing [PDF]

*The only official Diabetes Solution Kit endorsed by Jerry Mathers, star of Leave it to Beaver! Do not accept imitations.* Learn how to Reverse Diabetes Naturally, In Less than 4 Weeks, Using the Best Practices in Diet, Lifestyle, & Herbal Supplementation. You will learn the latest best practices & remedies for diet, lifestyle (exercise, but sleep & rest, too) and herbal supplementation. It will be abundantly clear that you can reverse course. You can prevent diabetes from wreaking any more havoc in your life or that loved one about whom you are so concerned. You can stop your “prediabetes”-maybe the doctor called it, borderline?-in its sinister tracks. Honest. Diabetes can be controlled. Diabetes can be reversed. Paperback book includes: Natural Remedies for Diabetics, The Low Blood Sugar Cookbook, Carb Counting Cheat Sheet, Grocery List, Meal & Exercise Planner, Diabetes Reversal Resource Guide.