The Missile Game by Glenn Shepard [PDF]

Chaos erupts in a small town when a hidden missile base is suddenly discovered by a local doctor.

A criminal mastermind is developing his own fleet of deadly laser-firing drones. An ISIS terrorist cell is building a secret missile base deep in rural North Carolina. A war on American soil seems imminent, and it’s up to Dr. Scott James to stop the carnage. He can’t do it without the help of Elizabeth Keyes, his beautiful new companion. But can he trust her?

“‘The Missile Game’ is a thrill ride of a debut that whisks the reader around the globe. I had a hard time putting it down.”
– Layton Green, Kindle Bestselling Author of The Dominic Grey Novels

“‘The Missile Game’ is a thriller that unfolds at a break-neck speed. A fun read that’s not for the faint of heart.” – Daniel Kalla, best-selling author of “Pandemic” and “The Far Side of the Sky.”