The Field Guide to Human-Centered Design by [PDF]

At, part of our mission is to spread human-centered design to the social sector. And for the last six years, the HCD Toolkit has been an incredibly effective way to do just that. A nuts-and-bolts handbook to our design approach, the HCD Toolkit has reached some 160,000 social sector practitioners angling to make their work more innovative and impactful. But today we know so much more about practicing and sharing human-centered design than we did when we published it back in 2009. Which is why we’re so proud to introduce the Field Guide to Human-Centered Design, the evolution of the HCD Toolkit and an exciting step forward in sharing our approach to creative problem solving. The Field Guide offers an updated and expanded vision of human-centered design and it reveals our process with the key mindsets that underpin how and why we think about design for the social sector, 57 clear-to-use design methods for new and experienced practitioners, and from-the-field case studies of human-centered design in action. Human-centered design is an amazingly generative process, and one that starts with people and ends with surprising answers tailor-made to suit their needs. We use it to directly learn from the communities we’re looking to serve, to rapidly come up with innovative new concepts, to quickly prototype them, and then to make our ideas come to life. The Field Guide has everything you need to understand the people you’re designing for, to have more effective brainstorms, to prototype your ideas, and to ultimately arrive at more creative solutions.