The APhA Complete Review for Pharmacy by Peter A. Chyka [PDF]

The NAPLEX® (North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination®) is the standard licensing exam that all U.S. pharmacy students must pass to practice pharmacy. It’s an arduous exam that tests a daunting range of knowledge. Approximately 10% of students taking the exam for the first time fail to achieve a passing score. Preparing for the NAPLEX® by reviewing all the material from each pharmacy school course would be overwhelming. A far better approach would be to study only the information most relevant to the exam, summarized in abbreviated bullet format, and that’s what The APhA Complete Review for Pharmacy contains.
A current, one-volume compilation of pharmacy knowledge, The APhA Complete Review for Pharmacy is also a popular reference for busy practitioners wishing to stay current.

Key Features:
All 42 chapters and 900+ review questions have been reviewed and revised by the authors and editorial team to provide up-to-date information and concepts.
The tables that list medications now indicate the top 100 drugs in boldface to alert the reader to medicines in frequent use.
A summary of a chapter’s concepts, Key Points, has been moved from the back of the chapter to the very front, and it is followed by a new feature, the Study Guide Checklist, intended to help readers assess their readiness for the NAPLEX®.
The Complete Review contains more than 900 practice exam questions and answers, plus explanations that reinforce key learning points.
Seasoned advice from Peter A. Chyka on studying for and taking the NAPLEX® and MPJE®.