TEXAS TEST PREP Reading and Writing Student Workbook Grade 4: Covers the TEKS Writing Standards by Test Master Press Texas [PDF]

This workbook is specifically designed to develop writing skills. Students will write in response to passages, as well as write stories, personal narratives, persuasive texts, and essays. Students will gain experience completing research projects and edit and revise their work. This workbook covers all the TEKS writing skills, and will also develop the advanced skills needed to perform well on the STAAR Reading and the STAAR Writing assessments.

Provides Ongoing Skill Development and Practice
– Ten convenient practice sets allow for ongoing skill development
– Each practice set contains two reading comprehension tasks where students write in response to passages
– Each practice set contains two writing tasks where students write a short story, personal narrative, persuasive text, or essay
– Guided writing tasks include hints, planning activities, and review checklists to guide students and encourage strong skill development
– Each set includes additional core skills exercises that focus on key writing skills

Key Benefits of this Workbook
– Flexible format allows practice sets to be completed to suit any schedule
– Provides extensive experience analyzing and responding to texts
– Gives students experience with all types of writing tasks
– Provides practice completing personal narrative and expository writing tasks just like those on the STAAR Writing assessments
– Tips, planning, and review activities teach the key features expected of student writing
– Format allows for review after each set to provide feedback and promote improvement