Super Structure: The Key to Unleashing the Power of Story by James Scott Bell [PDF]

Story loves structure…and so do readers! Super Structure represents over two decades of research on what makes a novel or screenplay entertaining, commercial, original, and irresistible. Contrary to what some may think, structure is not a nasty inhibitor of creativity. Quite the opposite. Properly understood and utilized, structure is what translates story into a form readers are wired to receive it. And it is only when readers truly connect with your story that they turn from casual readers into fans. The material in this book greatly expands upon the chapter on structure in Write Your Novel From the Middle. Super Structure can be considered a companion to that book, but it also stands alone in its treatment of the elements of a solid and pleasing plot. Here’s more good news: Super Structure will work for any type of writer–those who like to outline, those who just fly by “the seat of the pants,” and those who do a little of both. That’s because Super Structure stresses the concept of “signpost scenes.” There are fourteen signpost scenes, or beats, that can be used to create an entire plot, the skeleton of an idea, or a map to help you figure out what to write next. Every signpost is given its own chapter and explanation, along with a section called “Helpful Hints for Plotters and Pantsers,” showing you how to apply what you’ve learned and adapt it to your own style of writing. Never write a weak novel or screenplay again. Super Structure is a proven foundation that never fails. It frees you to add your original voice and vision, all of which adds up to bestselling fiction and hit screenplays. “I need three things before I tackle a new novel: Diet Coke, a laptop, and my dog-eared copies of James Scott Bell’s books on writing craft!” – Kami Garcia, #1 NY Times & International Bestselling author