Subscription Marketing by Anne H Janzer [PDF]

How do marketers need to adjust when businesses shift to a subscription model? How can marketing increase revenues and add value to the business, beyond simply generating more leads and hoping for the best?

In the subscription economy, marketing needs to adopt a new set of practices: customer value nurturing. Because you’re just getting started when someone becomes a subscriber.

Subscription Marketing offers creative marketing strategies for nurturing subscription customers long after the initial sale, using marketing campaigns and programs to increase customer retention, reduce churn, and increase customer advocacy.

The book describes marketing practices that nurture the ongoing solution value to the customer:
Help customers achieve value
Demonstrate the value that customers are realizing
Add value through content and community
Add value to the customer relationship
Align with customers’ deeper values

Whether you’re marketing cloud-based software, a membership program, a sharing-economy startup or a complex managed services offering, you’ll find advice and ideas you can put into practice immediately.