Public Speaking: Storytelling Techniques for Electrifying Presentations by Akash Karia [PDF]

“Practical and useful…Storytelling is one of the most important parts of speaking. This book makes it clear how to do it, when and where.” ~ Judith Field

“Great book…Akash doesn’t hold anything back.” ~ Stephen Fraundorfer

“A great kick-start for your next speech! A wonderfully quick burst of inspiration and insight.” ~ Mandy Hoffeldt

Stories have the power to captivate listeners and ignite their imaginations.
Great speakers know how to use stories to enthrall and influence their audiences.
This book is the result of six years of intensive research on the art of storytelling and public speaking.
Inside, you will discover how to:
• Create an opening that instantly hooks your audience into your speech.
• Keep your audiences captivated with a story.
• Use the suspended story formula to ramp up the intrigue.
• Bring your characters to life.
• Turn your stories into mental movies for your audience.
• Keep your audience spellbound by increasing the intensity of your conflicts.
• Add organic humor to any presentation without resorting to jokes.
• Make your speech memorable with the right analogies and metaphors.
• Create a repeatable catch-phrase using “the rule of opposites”.
• Tell a story and deliver a speech that your audience will remember and talk about for years.
• and much, much more…