Pass The 65: A Plain English Explanation To Help You Pass The Series 65 Exam by Robert M. Walker [PDF]

UPDATED FOR 2016 – Trying to pass your Series 65 Exam? Pass The 65™ is written with the reader always in mind. This Series 65 exam study guide uses Plain English and concise explanations as it ticks off the items mentioned on the NASAA Series 65 exam outline point-by-point. Notice that there are four chapters in our study material, which correspond to the four sections of the NASAA Series 65 Exam outline. We try to keep things as easy as possible in our study guides because the exam itself is anything but. To reduce your frustration in obtaining your Series 65 license, we try to make sure each sample question in our Pass The 65 Online Practice Question Bank™ is explained within this textbook. In fact, we encourage you to use this study guide while working through the Series 65 sample questions. When you encounter a tough practice question, you can quickly and easily look it up in this textbook in order to come away from the question with a deeper understanding of the topics involved. Remember that the Series 65 license exam is not a memorization test but, rather, a “competency exam,” as NASAA explains in their exam FAQ. Too many Series 65 exam candidates go to the testing center expecting to simply recognize a few vocabulary terms when, in fact, passing your test requires you to work with the information at a much deeper level. That’s why we explain things in a way you’ll both understand and remember at the testing center. It takes more work on our end, but we feel our job is to make things easier on your end. We also take what you learn in the pages of this Series 65 exam study guide to a higher level by presenting you with well over 1,000 challenging questions in our test bank. However, our sample questions are not designed to merely trick you–which most people find discouraging and confusing at best. Rather, our Series 65 sample questions are designed to help you learn the information as you improve your ability to eliminate the incorrect answer choices you will see when taking the Series 65 exam. Be sure to keep a notebook filled with all that you learn from working the questions and reading the helpful explanations that follow. For an extra edge, try writing your own variations of practice questions in this same notebook, something our tutoring clients have found extremely helpful. Pass the 65(c) is your guide to a passing score on the Series 65 exam. This textbook is at the same time in-depth and easy to read. We don’t skimp on the details found on the NASAA outline. Rather, we skimp on the filler found in many of the more tedious license exam manuals on the market. To give yourself an edge on this difficult license exam buy this book and then go to to purchase the practice questions and other Series 65 study materials. This test is not easy. The best time to get started is . . . now.