Nolo’s Quick LLC: All You Need to Know About Limited Liability Companies by Anthony Mancuso Attorney [PDF]

Get LLC answers and learn the basics of limited liability companies
If you run your own business, you’ve probably heard about limited liability companies. Business owners who operate LLCs aren’t personally liable for business debts, so their personal assets are generally not at risk. But is forming an LLC right for you?

Nolo’s Quick LLC provides essential information for business owners in every state. In plain English, it explains the advantages and drawbacks of forming an LLC – including limiting your personal liability. Find out about:

the unique legal features of LLCs, including limited personal liability for owners
who should – and shouldn’t – form an LLC
how to choose among an LLC, corporation, partnership or other business form
choosing between a member-run or a manager-run LLC
how LLCs are taxed
how to manage multiple-owner LLCs
the ongoing legal and tax paperwork that’s required