Gray Hat Hacking The Ethical Hacker’s Handbook, Fourth Edition by Daniel Regalado [PDF]

Cutting-edge techniques for finding and fixing critical security flaws
Fortify your network and avert digital catastrophe with proven strategies from a team of security experts. Completely updated and featuring 12 new chapters, Gray Hat Hacking: The Ethical Hacker’s Handbook, Fourth Edition explains the enemy‚Äôs current weapons, skills, and tactics and offers field-tested remedies, case studies, and ready-to-deploy testing labs. Find out how hackers gain access, overtake network devices, script and inject malicious code, and plunder Web applications and browsers. Android-based exploits, reverse engineering techniques, and cyber law are thoroughly covered in this state-of-the-art resource.

Build and launch spoofing exploits with Ettercap and Evilgrade
Induce error conditions and crash software using fuzzers
Hack Cisco routers, switches, and network hardware
Use advanced reverse engineering to exploit Windows and Linux software
Bypass Windows Access Control and memory protection schemes
Scan for flaws in Web applications using Fiddler and the x5 plugin
Learn the use-after-free technique used in recent zero days
Bypass Web authentication via MySQL type conversion and MD5 injection attacks
Inject your shellcode into a browser’s memory using the latest Heap Spray techniques
Hijack Web browsers with Metasploit and the BeEF Injection Framework
Neutralize ransomware before it takes control of your desktop
Dissect Android malware with JEB and DAD decompilers
Find one-day vulnerabilities with binary diffing