Feels Like Redemption: The Pilgrimage To Health and Healing by Seth Taylor [PDF]

In the Christian Church and the world at large today, addiction to pornography is not just a crisis, it is the crisis. The approach for many has been to label this a war, and scores of books and teachers have tried to show that using various control methods and tools in order to deal with the problem leads to freedom. But the crisis continues to grow, and true freedom, the kind that Jesus seems to be pointing to in the Gospels, seems forever out of reach. This powerless approach has left millions with out true freedom and asking some very hard questions about themselves, their sexuality, and the nature of God. In this groundbreaking new book on an age-old topic, author Seth Taylor leads us into the question: “Is there any real power? And if there is, why don’t we see it more?” With this question as the starting point, Taylor shows readers how to peel back the layers of all the things people are medicating with pornography and other “drugs”. He gives readers the tools to make their Spirits come alive. Through a compelling combination of stories and spiritually grounded teaching from his own pilgrimage, Taylor shows readers that freedom is not a myth, but rather the essence of every human being, created in the image of God. Feels Like Redemption powerfully teaches that this journey into sexual and spiritual health is not a battle. It’s a Pilgrimage – a Sacred Journey. And in walking this journey, we can be changed forever.