Direct Connect to God by Debra Martin [PDF]

Direct Connect to God introduces a profound healing technique created by Debra and Sheri with God’s guidance. This approach includes healing physical conditions through spiritual surgery as well as healing emotional distress by uncovering root causes buried deep within a person’s subconscious. This unique technique has provided healing, miracles, and spiritual sustenance to many around the world. Direct Connect to God is intended to empower and motivate readers with evidence of a Higher Power that we are all a part of and that resides within each of us. God as all powerful is not a new concept; the novelty of the approach here, rather, is the clarity with which God’s message is channeled through the authors and then shared with the reader. This occurs through firsthand accounts by people who have undergone healings with Debra and Sheri. The actual direct communication from God during the healing sessions has been transcribed verbatim, without editing or alterations, allowing the reader access to the knowledge experienced by the authors and the people who received healings. Perhaps most notably, this includes a firsthand account by renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander, author of Proof of Heaven, a New York Times’ bestseller. Direct Connect to God gives the reader a front row seat to these extraordinary healing sessions allowing the stories of healing to, in turn, heal the reader as well. Debra and Sheri’s intention for Direct Connect to God is for the reader to feel God’s love through His simple yet profound messages.