CP Cats: A Complete Guide to Drawing Cats in Colored Pencil by Gemma Gylling [PDF]

Any level of artist can benefit from CP Cats – even newbies. Gemma Gylling is just that good at teaching! CP Cats book is full of detail, detail and more detail; not just showing you…but teaching you how to draw every imaginable kind of fur, eyes, ears, muzzles, paws and whiskers. LEARN 11 different kinds of strokes with examples for each plus how and where to use them. TRAIN your eye to see and recreate the direction of fur and which stroke to use. PRACTICE and perfect the art of drawing expressive cat eyes. CREATE beautiful blended backgrounds for your cats paintings with confidence and skill. Every step in this thorough book is accompanied by large, beautiful drawings and easy-to-follow, comprehensive instruction. CP Cats is a detailed, generous book that’s destined to soon become used, worn and well-loved. You’ll be creating award-winning drawings of your favorite felines in no time! 16 mini-demos and 4 full step-by-step lessons. 180+ images.