Complete Guide to Internet Privacy, Anonymity & Security by Matthew Bailey [PDF]

Fully updated and revised, this leading guide on Internet privacy, anonymity and security contains all the practical information you need to inform and protect yourself.

In this comprehensive yet easy-to-read guide for Windows users, you will quickly learn how to:

stop search engines, social media and other powerful Internet players from tracking and profiling your online activities
gain unrestricted access to all the content and downloads the Internet has to offer
use social media to stay connected with friends in ways that don’t compromise your privacy or safety
keep hackers, identity thieves and adversaries from gaining access to your computer
use the best (and often free!) privacy, anonymity and security apps that really work
mask your IP address with a proxy, The Onion Router (Tor) or a virtual private network (VPN)
use encryption to keep your digital items, downloads and personal information completely hidden and safe
prevent surveillance and the monitoring of your activities by Internet service providers (ISP), governments, adversaries and other unwelcome snoops
enjoy all the benefits (and downloads) of torrent file-sharing and Usenet newsgroups while staying protected and anonymous
get rid of trace and hidden data on your computer that exposes your private activities
conduct checks on how private your online activities and devices really are