California Real Estate Principles by Walt Huber [PDF]

This new updated edition of California Real Estate Principles demonstrated the popularity of Real Estate Search Engines and Social Media websites and how they have dramatically changed how brokerages market their services. Search engines encourage buyers and sellers to go online and quickly determine what properties are available, asking prices, and what properties recently sold for in the neighborhood. While technology is changing the methods by which real estate is marketed and sold, the tried-and-true techniques are still in play. This book covers all the traditional requirements for real estate licensing, so it is accessible to both tech-savvy and tech-challenged readers! We’ve included the basic staples that made this book the best-seller that it is, such as updated forms and laws, exceptionally well-written and easy to understand language, as well as summaries, quizzes, and new matching terminology at the end of each chapter. Students, professionals, buyers, and sellers will all find something of value to take from this book!