Behold, I come quickly: Handbook for the second coming of Jesus Christ by Eric Niels Bush [PDF]

This book will enlighten your mind concerning the events leading up to the second coming and the building up of Zion. It distills in an organized way all of the essential material you need to know. That is why it is called a Handbook. It contains the following – commentary on the Book of Revelation, collections of latter day prophesies, dreams and visions, analysis on current day events, preppers manual etc. The timeline images it contains are very clearly laid out and instructive. This is the book that has been missing, the book that can bring it all together in one summarized overview. It is time to get excited again and get prepared. The perfect book to lend out to warn others. Find answers to many of your questions: Why the urgency to get out of debt? Why follow the prophet? What is the “callout”? What is the destiny of America? What is Zion? What is the “pit” that the Great and Abominable church digs? What happens during the “great tribulation”? What is the timeline leading up to the second coming? What do I need to do to be spiritually and temporally prepared?