A Small Guide To Losing Big, From the Nutritionist for NBC’s The Biggest Loser by Cheryl Forberg RD [PDF]

Ever wished you could have the same nutrition consult the Biggest Losers have? Your wish has been granted – and it’s all here in this easy to read pocket guide. After 15 seasons as nutritionist for NBC’s The Biggest Loser, Cheryl Forberg has uncovered stunning facts about typical eating and lifestyle habits that cause millions of Americans to gain thousands of pounds each year. She also knows how to interpret that information to promote weight loss. We’ve all seen the success of the hundreds of people Cheryl has helped \\”behind the scenes\\” at The Biggest Loser – and now the secrets and insights of one of the country’s top weight loss experts can be yours. * * This handy pocket guide will be your go-to book for weight loss. Keep one in your car, stash one in your handbag and leave one on your kitchen counter. In A Small Guide to Losing Big, Cheryl makes it easy – weight loss basics, nutrition tips, menus and recipes in a no nonsense pocket guide. \\”The Biggest Loser’s chef and nutrition expert has created a no-nonsense handbook that outlines a simple plan in an easy-to-read, entertaining style. I watched Cheryl coach BL contestants for 10 years, and her sensible approach to healthy and sustainable weight loss really works! This is a must-have book for anyone looking to lose 10 pounds — or 100.\\” — Jillian Michaels