2015 Federal Civil Rules Booklet by LegalPub.com [PDF]

This publication contains the federal court rules (current thru Nov. 30, 2015) and U.S. Code sections essential to federal civil litigation practice. For students, this publication can be used with all Civil Procedure and Evidence casebooks. Contents include:
Complete Federal Rules of Civil Procedure;
Complete Federal Rules of Evidence;
Complete Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure;
Complete Appendix of Forms;
Complete Supplemental Rules for Admiralty or Maritime Claims & Asset Forfeiture Actions;
U.S. Code, Title 28, Chapter 85 (Jurisdiction), Chapter 87 (Venue), Chapter 89 (Removal);
Selected provisions of U.S. Code, Title 28, Chapters 83 (Courts of Appeals), 99 & 111 (General Provisions), 123 (Fees and Costs), 131 (Rules of Court) and 151 (Declaratory Judgments);
Federal Civil Rules Update (summarizing recent changes to the Federal Civil Rules);
The Constitution of the United States.